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I recently had the honor of presenting PyCessing at the first ever German Python Conference.  I was pleased that a number of hardcore python heads were interested in the project and could see how it would be really helpful in bringing the fun and simplicity of the language to a wider audience.  Big thanks to the organizers for a great job putting it all together.  Also, thanks to my employer the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule, for sponsoring my travel.  Here's a PDF of my presentation slides (in German).

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PyCessing 0.2.1 Released

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I got an email yesterday that indicated a rather embarassing little bug that would cause new programs not to run.  Sorry!  This is fixed and I have uploaded a new mac build.  Download it here.

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PyCessing 0.2 Released!

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Since I'm at the first ever German Python Conference, I thought it might be cool to actually put out a proper release.  Some features:

  • Mac OSX builds are now working
  • Fixes to Screen Text
  • Started working on the built-in help system
  • Some new examples
  • Fixed some drawing bugs

Download it today and waste your afternoon playing with it!

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Site Relaunch

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Welcome to the newly relaunched PyCessing site.  Thanks to the brilliant Ruben Braun for all his hard work on this design.  Ruben came up with the new logo, color-scheme, layout and information architecture.  Not quite done yet but it's a big improvement over my old uninspired mini site.  Feel free to give us feedback.

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